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In other words, you can only use Jaws as long as you maintain your subscription as is the case with any subscription whether it’s for a music service, a movie service, Office 365 etc.

The nice thing about the Jaws subscription is that you get    access to Jaws for a very affordable annual fee (not sure if you can also pay monthly) and that you are always entitled to use whatever the latest version of Jaws is. The subscription is basically purchase price and SMA all rolled into one annual subscription fee and as we all know this is a model many organisations adopt now, Office 365 is another good example.


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Subject: Re: Question about the yearly payment plan for JAWS




The JAWS home annual license is a subscription requiring annual renewal. It is a non-perpetual license that stops working when the license term expires.


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Subject: Question about the yearly payment plan for JAWS


If I were to decide to go with the JAWS yearly purchase plan for 2020 and then did not purchase the 2021 yearly plan, would I be able to use the 2020 version in 2021?

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