moderated Re: Question about upgrading

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

No, Jaws versions are independent from each other and if you install Jaws 2019 on your system which has Jaws 2018 and you then also install Jaws 2020 (still in Beta probably for another 3 weeks or so) then you would simply have 3 versions of Jaws on your system.



From: <> On Behalf Of Shirley Tracy
Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2019 10:41 AM
Subject: Question about upgrading


Right now, I still use JAWS 2018 professional but own the disc for JAWS 2019—just never upgraded. Now, I’m going to be getting JAWS 2020. Do I need to install the JAWS 2019 before loading the 2020? Is there any advantage to doing so?






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