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HH. Smith Jr.

Hi Guys,

I am currently taking a network course at Capella University online. For me,
the practice labs are inaccessible and some of the virtual simulations.
However to combat this, I use VMware, Windows server 2016)trial is free for
180day with 5resets or on eBay less than $50), PuTTY as my SSH/Telnet
client, Windows 10 pro(on eBay less than $30), and a Cisco kit(for CCNA,
CCNP certification); also bought on eBay.
The hardware side of networking

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hi Marvin, may I ask, how are you going to take the networking course, via a
website or going to a nearby school? are you going to be using any special

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Subject: windows 10 product key
Wondering. Need to upgrade from windows 10 home to pro. Doing a networking
course soon, and need to use hyper v, windows sandbox, etc.

So, what's the legal or ethical status.

Can I find legal keys online or best to purchase from the Microsoft store.
$350, for a windows 10 pro key.


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