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David Diamond

I noticed they also have a video editor. Only problem is JAWS does not work with it that much if at all. I don't expect it to describe the video, but, at least tell me when it is recording and where in the recording it is, beginning or end.

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Hey Dave.

Goldwave is accessible and will do a lot of what you want from an audio editor. It is not super-advanced, but there's loads of stuff you can do with it, and I've by n o means used all of its features. You'll like it.

Scripts are not *necessary*. But if you have them, they will give you a bit more feedback about things. That's mostly what they're for. So there's nothing internal in the programme that you couldn't accomplish without them, but if you want JAWS to tell you a bunch of stuff about what's going on, where you are, etc, the scripts are handy to have. I guess you could think of it kind fo in the analogue sense where you have a whole bunch of meters and such that, normally, you wouldn’t' bea ble to read -- you could still use a machine to do a lot of work, but you won't know where any of the gauges are at -- the scripts help with that.

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My question is broader in nature. Is gold wave accessible for the blind or user friendly? Given the message below, are scrips from JAWS necessary to make it work.

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Subject: Goldwave Scripts?


Are there still JFW Goldwave scripts available and if so, where can I find them? I'm running the latest Windows 10, and have both latest JFW
2019 & the new JFW public Beta.



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