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David Diamond

It is cheap in price yes. I just wanted to make sure it is a good as it appears to be.

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It is fully accessible without scripts.
Scripts just make it easier to check some things like length of file, how far into the file you are, etc.
I'd recommend spending time with the excellent manual, especially the list of keystrokes.
It is an amazingly powerful audio editing application, especially consider the low price tag.
Back in the day when Window-eyes was alive and well, I spent lots of time working with the developer to create the Window-Eyes set files for it.
But, since Window-Eyes was bought out by FS and then buried, those set files are no more.
The Jaws scripts do take care of the main things though not all.

Give it a try.



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Subject: Re: Goldwave Scripts?

My question is broader in nature. Is gold wave accessible for the blind or user friendly? Given the message below, are scrips from JAWS necessary to make it work.

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Subject: Goldwave Scripts?


Are there still JFW Goldwave scripts available and if so, where can I find them? I'm running the latest Windows 10, and have both latest JFW
2019 & the new JFW public Beta.



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