moderated Re: Goldwave Scripts?


as I understand, the scripts aren't really necessary but they do provide
more efficient use of Goldwave.

I was going to suggest to grab a copy of the scripts from the JAWS-users
website, but it appears that the owner took down all of the site even
though it was mentioned that he would have left everything except for
subscribing to his accompanying mailing list to provide resources for
his former subscribers. it's ashame. it was a good resource for a lot of
stuff like scripts for JAWS and useful programs.

if anyone knows of another resourse similar to JAWS-users, please let
the list know.

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Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019, 7:14 PM
Subject: Goldwave Scripts?
My question is broader in nature. Is gold wave accessible for the blind
or user friendly? Given the message below, are scrips from JAWS
necessary to make it work.

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Subject: Goldwave Scripts?


Are there still JFW Goldwave scripts available and if so, where can I
find them? I'm running the latest Windows 10, and have both latest JFW
2019 & the new JFW public Beta.



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