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Mike B.

Try the following:
To stop Jaws from reading the number of an item while arrowing thru a list,
Go to the Jaws settings center default all applications, then speech verbosity, then configuration.
In the list of items, (number 17) position information, uncheck the box, and
save your settings on the way out.
Jaws will still announce the location / number of the item when using the say-all or say current line command.
This worked for me in Jaws 2019.

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  JAWS is simply announcing the icon that is selected on your desktop and the total # of the program /files that are on the desktop.  I am not sure of how to prevent other than the hard way of going to ablank desktop.  Lol




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Hello Listers,


I am running jaws 2019 latest build windows 10 1903.  How do I stop jaws from saying internet explorer  1 of 36?  When I press an icon on my desktop?




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