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Glenn / Lenny

I believe that lowering the Jaws verbosity from the beginner level may help.
I usually leave it at this level, but I change the level of what it announces, to custom announcements instead of all, but I too hear the number of items on the desktop, and I would not want to not hear this.
But to change it from beginner, open the jaws menu by entering on the Jaws icon on the desktop and go into help and up arrow to startup wizard, and you can just press next until you get to the below screen, and you can change it from beginner and that should help.
JAWS Startup Wizard
Verbosity Settings
Tutor Messages Verbosity Level
Beginner, HighestTurn off Menu and Control Help
IntermediateAnnounce Menu and Control Help Advanced, Lowest
Announce Custom Messages Only
Access Key Graphic Verbosity
Off No Graphics Speak all
Labeled GraphicsSpeak Menus Only
All GraphicsSpeak Dialogs Only
< Back Next > Cancel

From: <> On Behalf Of Michael Amaro
Sent: Friday, October 11, 2019 2:00 PM
Subject: a jaws question


Hello Listers,


I am running jaws 2019 latest build windows 10 1903.  How do I stop jaws from saying internet explorer  1 of 36?  When I press an icon on my desktop?




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