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Zel Iscel

You can set up your notifications in facebook so that you receive your messages and other notifications via email. That way, you can read and respond to your messages via email. However, the last time I was using this system, and that was a while ago, you couldn't initiate chats/messages via email.

My sister used the email notifications to communicate with us on Facebook when she was in China for a holiday a couple of years ago. Facebook is banned there but she could respond to messages and comments via email.


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Never used any clients for PC. Just the web. If the regular facebook site annoys you, works fine for messaging purposes.

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Hey guys,

Do any of you guys use any sort of messaging client for facebook that works with jaws?
I use to use a program called miranda, however facebook doesn't seem to support a lot of 3rd party apps now. Anyone have any ideas? This was really handy to have.



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