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But Alexa devices don’t only support Amazon Music whether limited to what you get with Prime which is about 1 Million tracks or what you get with the additional Amazon Music Unlimited subscription which here in Canada is $8.95 Canadian.

I was so happy when I just read in my Alexa newsletter that apple Music was finally supported here in Canada. Alexa devices have always supported Spotify and Deezer so if you have a subscription with one of those services you could have easily enabled that and set Spotify or Deezer as your primary music source, then when you ask Alexa to play a particular song, artist, album, station or playlist it would come from your selected service.

In the US Apple Music has been available in the same way I think for about a year and now that it is available in Canada I can finally cancel my Amazon Music Unlimited membership and put that money towards the new Disney or Apple TV offering which is soon coming here, most likely we’ll get both anyways, but my wife and I have had our Apple Music family subscription for years and it’s still our preferred streaming service. Now that we can simply ask Alexa to play something that is a big bonus. Now I just wish Amazon would hurry along and offer family accounts here in Canada as well, Audible finally arrived a couple of years ago and starting about 1 year ago it was more or less on par with respect to what books were available here and in the US and we get most of the promotions now as well except that I think there still is no Platinum membership which gives you 2 credits a month. But otherwise Audible Canada is a really good deal because the monthly 1 credit membership is $14.95 Canadian, same as what it is in the States in US Dollars despite the fact that currently there is a good 30% difference in value, nice to see that finally a company isn’t simply using the exchange rate to come up with a higher amount for their service.


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Amazon Music is generally accessed via a Streaming App or Device such as any of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices or the Amazon Alexa App.  I personally am a huge fan of Amazon Music and enjoy owning a number of Alexa-enabled devices.


I haven’t attempted to listen directly from the Amazon site.


There is an Alexa App for Windows 10 as well which one could use.




Amanda Lee





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To get prime music you have to pay for it. I know that because I have a prime membership.   Which I have, the $8 per month more then covers the cost of shipping.  Some items the shipping costs more then the actual item itself.  I also enjoy the access to movies.  Anyway, unless I am missing something you want to charge others for a service that you have to pay for.  Is kind of like the person that bought a big box of batteries at a $ store then turned around and sold them at a marked up price at his garage sale.   


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Hello Group,

I have been an Amazon prime member for a number of years and have considered setting up a payed subscription to this service, though as a prime member, I have access to a fairly extensive music library at no cost.

Earlier today, I identified a song through Amazon music and after pressing enter on the title, I attempted to locate a download link using the tab key. As the tabs were labeled as graphics, I wasn’t sure which one to select as a download key.

I was able to download the track through assistance  from the Microsoft helpline.

Is there an accessible work-around to access amazon music?


I would appreciate any assistance.


Best, Justin

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