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David Diamond

To get prime music you have to pay for it. I know that because I have a prime membership.   Which I have, the $8 per month more then covers the cost of shipping.  Some items the shipping costs more then the actual item itself.  I also enjoy the access to movies.  Anyway, unless I am missing something you want to charge others for a service that you have to pay for.  Is kind of like the person that bought a big box of batteries at a $ store then turned around and sold them at a marked up price at his garage sale.   


From: <> On Behalf Of Justin Mcdevitt
Sent: October 11, 2019 7:36 AM
Subject: accessing amazon music


Hello Group,

I have been an Amazon prime member for a number of years and have considered setting up a payed subscription to this service, though as a prime member, I have access to a fairly extensive music library at no cost.

Earlier today, I identified a song through Amazon music and after pressing enter on the title, I attempted to locate a download link using the tab key. As the tabs were labeled as graphics, I wasn’t sure which one to select as a download key.

I was able to download the track through assistance  from the Microsoft helpline.

Is there an accessible work-around to access amazon music?


I would appreciate any assistance.


Best, Justin

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