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John Covici

I have not noticed this at all using chrome. I do a search and after
a bunch of filters, I see the titles and if I click on one of them, I
get a page, which among other things has the publishers summary.

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I have noticed some canges in the way Chrome and Edge Beta read the Audible page. Instead of presenting the titles when you are on the page, there are graphis and symbolsbeside the title. I have tried changing the settings in the JAWS
profile, but it mmakes no difference.

I have had to go to Firefox to get a clean Audible page. Are there any settings that I am missing? should I just go back to the default settings and start over. So Far, this is the only page where I have noticed this.

Also, I have tried the Edge Beta, and I found the menues, if you can call them that, a little cutsy. Any ideas?

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