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             Thanks for the clarification.

              When it comes to Excel spreadsheets, even though I'm sighted, if I can avoid having to "go to the top of a column" then focus on it I prefer to.  Whether we're talking a row or column, moving up/down or left/right, respectively, and being able to select the whole thing is really convenient.   I don't use Excel very often at all and a lot of what I've learned about it is "keyboard centric" because it's been for blind or visually impaired clients who are, or when questions come up here.

               By the way, the Microsoft document, in MS-Word format, Excel 2016 for Windows keyboard shortcuts, can come in very handy indeed when it comes to figuring out how to do something one seldom does or needs to do.  I find the full set of keyboard shortcuts all in one document to be even more useful than the reference pages on the Microsoft site since they're easier to search.


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