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Van Lant, Robin

Brian, we are both correct, I was just expanding on your comment.  I’m simply saying that you don’t have to select the second column before doing the “paste cut cells”, as long as your cursor is at the top of that column.  Your method of selecting the second column is a nice trick I didn’t know for being able to insert the cut column without moving to the top of the desired column first.  I can see how that would be really valuable when I’m working in some of my massive spreadsheets and I look forward to using that. 


And, indeed, our method of using insert cut cells is better because it doesn’t’ leave the empty column after pasting. I made that comment because someone else responded that they first insert a blank column then copy and paste the data they want to move, which you and I both know would leave an empty column.




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But the instructions I gave do not leave the cut column in place (or a vacated column in the same place as the cut column), otherwise it wouldn't be doing what was asked for.

If you select a column in its entirety, cut it, select another column in its entirety, and then use Insert Cut Cells the column cut is moved wholesale and the letter designations for the columns are reset.  The cut column will be moved immediately to the left of the column selected immediately prior to doing the insert.  This is the only thing that can make sense, as if one wishes to put a column first (in the Column A position) instead of what's there you have to select column a in its entirety, then insert.  Then the inserted column becomes Column A, the former Column A becomes B, etc., etc., etc.

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