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the one I installed is called chrome sound effects. however there is one
caveat, there is one sound that must be enabled in order for the others
that are checked to play, and that one is "on startup" which sounds like
an airplane taking off. the other caveat is the sounds are embedded and
there's no apparent way to assign your own wav files. if someone knows
how to assign favorite wav files, I'd be interested to know.

it'll be interesting to see what others suggest.

BTW, there's one for Firefox called Extra Sounds which is toughted to be
the replacement for the obsolete Navigational Sounds but only has five
events a user can assign.

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Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 12:33 PM
Subject: clicking Chrome extension
What is the Chrome extension that some like because it causes key clicks
like Internet Explorer did? My searches haven’t led me to it.

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