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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

Have you found news sites where Reader Mode in Chrome or Firefox or Mercury Reader or a similar extension didn’t work, but you could implement Flexible Web to get the job done? I’m really happy with Chrome’s Reader Mode for such sites.




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Subject: Re: Brave web browser and Flexible Web.


Well, cumbersome, yeah, but for frequently visited pages like news sites with annoying tracking polls and other feature articles and ads and cartoons smack in the middle of the article text, I think it's worth the trouble.


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Subject: Re: Brave web browser and Flexible Web.

This interests me, because I find Flexible Web to be cumbersome. You have to eliminate junk for each page and each occurrence.  I’d love to be enlightened about how people find the feature worth spending the time to use.


For Brave, have you tried Mercury Reader, since I believe that Chrome extensions work in that browser?




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You're right, Jaws has a problem with that.  I suspect they are hard-coded to Chrome, firefox or the others. 



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Hey, folks.


Windows 7, JAWS 18 latest version. I installed the latest Brave browser and, yes, it's snappy, as Richard has written. However, flexible web doesn't seem to work, at least not with an older version of JAWS Jaws key plus space bar gives me the Flexible Web sound effect, but X, the follow-up key, does nothing for me. No dialog, nothing.


can anyone else duplicate this?


Brave does a good job of holding back the onslaught of ads, but losing Flexible Web is kind of like having a toe amputated.


--Lou N.


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Subject: Brave web browser

I took the plunge and installed Brave.

So far so good.

I let it import my bookmarks from Firefox and it seems quite good and snappy to use.

I will work with it more, but I can see myself making it my default if all goes well.


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