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The reality is that Utilities are not free to charge what they like.
The Government Regulates them. Whether you think that regulation
particularly effective is another question but the fact that it exists
shows that sighted people do exactly what you are saying they do not
do, they prevent such companies from charging above a certain rate.
They do this because such utilities are essential services.

As for your other points, I think you'll find it's called "the welfare
state", something many people in the US seem particularly
uncomfortable with.

If you really think it's ok to leave people to starve in the streets
and die in the ditches, then I guess you can go without a welfare net
of any kind, otherwise one of some sort is necessary and the question
becomes one of degree.

On 2/5/12, lauren <> wrote:
Oh come on i can't believe you think that people want to see us on the
dull. has it ever occured to you that maybe just maybe some of us don't
have jobs because of other issues?

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