moderated Re: is there a way to combine three documents in to one to send as an attatchment?


why not zip the folder up using 7z? that should work just fine.

Legend has it that on Monday 10/7/2019 12:25 PM, Brian Vogel said:
On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 12:47 PM, HH. Smith Jr. wrote:
If by chance the integrity of the three
documents must be kept, it would be easier to
put them all into one folder and send the folder.

I get exactly what you're saying, but I have
never had any luck in trying to send a folder as
an attachment to an e-mail message other than if
it's a cloud-based folder.  Maybe I gave up
way, way, way too early in the game, but that's
why I recommend using file ZIPping, as it
reliably accomplishes that task.But in the case
of three and only three documents, it makes
little sense to do anything other than to attach
all three to a single e-mail message and send
them that way. The amount of work involved in
creating a ZIP file for three items is more than
doing three attach commands in an e-mail client,
and you may not even need to do that if all the
files are in a single folder, in which case you
could multi-select all three in a single attach command. --

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