moderated Re: is there a way to combine three documents in to one to send as an attatchment?

HH. Smith Jr.

Hi All,


If by chance the integrity of the three documents must be kept, it would be easier to put them all into one folder and send the folder. Forgive me if I am missing the jiss of the question.


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Subject: Re: is there a way to combine three documents in to one to send as an attatchment?


David & Sieghard,

          A bit of information that should help both of you, and the group as a whole.

          David's last message was not blank, but certainly appeared to be, even on the web interface.   This is because he bottom posted the following:  "Hi, how are you? to answer both of your questions one these are all text documents, and they are related because they all come from a place that I've been accepted to persue an online music production degree. Hope that this will answer the question. I need to send these items so that I can meet a requirement."

           If you bottom post material after the entire quoted content of a prior message, most e-mail clients and the web interface do not know that the quoted material has ended and the new material begun, and it gets subsumed within the most-often-hidden quoted material.   Even if it didn't, someone would still have to go all the way to the bottom to find the new content, and for a simple response such as this one that's very unlikely to happen.  I only found it because I decided to expand the quoted material and accidentally found it there.

            Unless you (any you) are doing a reply where it's necessary to intersperse your new material within the old to retain context, it's always better to either add it to the top of the message, leaving the quoted material afterward, or eliminate the quoted material via select all and delete before adding your new stuff.  That way it doesn't have any chance of going missing in action like happened here.


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