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Steve Matzura

This message came from another email list, but since it's definitely germain to JAWS, I thought I'd forward it and hope someone has the answer.

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Subject: QWS List Hello, and JAWS Config for QWS
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 15:07:41 +0100
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Hi All,


I’ve just subscribed to this list, so Hello! And apologies if this has already been covered, or if my question demonstrates a lamentable lack of knowledge of the subject:


I’m working through the tutorials for QWS.  I noticed that some of the keystrokes described, don’t work as expected, specifically the control-left-arrow and control-Right-arrow keys.  I assume that this is because JAWS is grabbing the keystroke.  I can pass through keys on an individual basis, but can’t remember how you define a keystroke that should always be passed through within a particular application.  I can’t find any config files on the web, specifically for JAWS and QWS, but would be interested:

  1. If anyone already has QWS configuration files, or
  2. If someone can remind me how, on a more generalised basis, you prevent JAWS from grabbing a specific keystroke.

Regards and thanks,


Tim Pennick

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