moderated Re: Moving JAWS licensed copy from one laptop to a new one

Soronel Haetir

You need to deactivate it if you are selling the old laptop but so
long as you are either keeping or trashing it there is no real benefit
in doing so. The reason to deactivate if selling is to comply with
license terms, you would not want whoever picked it up to claim that
they were the legitmate purchaser of jaws.

On 9/30/19, ARORA Meesha <> wrote:
Thanks Shai, And do I need to deactivate it first in my old laptop?
And for the reactivation, do I just use the original authorization details
or do I need to contact the Freedom scientific to activate my license in my
new laptop?
Thanks to confirm

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There is no means to copy your JAWS license from an old computer to a new
one. You need to reactivate using the Internet license manager and JAWS
authorization cd.

On 9/30/19, ARORA Meesha <> wrote:
Hello group members,
I need to change my existing laptop in the office to a new one and
would like to know the steps to move my existing JAWS licensed copy
from my current laptop to a new one.
I emailed Vispero technical team however their reply was brief and I
didn't follow it completely.
Please can you advise what is the process of deactivating the JAWS on
the current system and activating it in a new system.
Thanks to confirm.


Soronel Haetir

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