moderated Re: is there a way to combine three documents in to one to send as an attatchment?

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

I am surprised nobody asked here what type of documents they are. He mentioned sending them as text files, but if they are text files then he could simply open the first, go to the end, then open the second, do a select all and copy and paste the content into the first, then repeat with the third. You then save the first document either using the original name or give it a new one and you have one file containing all the information.

You could do the same with a Word document or an Excel sheet where you could put the information from each file on a separate worksheet in one document.

The only time when this won’t work is with PDF documents. If you want to combine several documents/files into one  you would need some sort of PDF editing software, I am not sure if Nuance Power PDF still exists or is still called this, but with it you can combine or split PDF documents.






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On Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 08:38 AM, Steve Matzura wrote:

You don't need to combine anything. Just attach them all to the same email, or  send them individually.

Which is the conventional way, barring using a ZIP file, which makes more sense if you've got more than just a couple of files or at least one of the files is an executable, which are seldom accepted via e-mail anymore.

If a recipient does not know what to do with a ZIP file then they need to learn, as they've been in common use for decades, and often for occasions where a large cluster of files, sometimes including their folder structure, needs to be sent.

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