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Rick Mladek

If the document has three pages, control P for print then tab down to page range and put in the number of the page you want printed and tab to print...

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i think you are out of luck.
unless the message has page breaks in there formatting the printer software will treat the whole message as one page.
about the only thing you might do is copy all of the message and paste it to your word processor or notepad and then delete what you don't want to print.

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Subject: how to specify print range

Hello list:

Most of the time, I only wish to print the first page of a document(usually an e-mail), but 2-3 pages print which is a waste of paper/toner. I can't remember the steps needed to direct the printer to print one page, and would appreaciate instructions.

Most sincerely,

David S. Pearson

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