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Moty Azrad

Dear all,


I suggest a very nice and easy program to use that is called:

Cdex – CD extraction

When the program is installed on your PC, open it from your desktop icon, put your CD in its Drive and wait a little then you can select all by pressing control+a then press the key f9 to convert to MP3 or press the key f12 to convert to Wav.


I hope it helps





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On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 09:34 PM, Marty Hutchings wrote:

I just use Windows Media Player to rip my CDs.

Same here.  Particularly since Windows Media Player can be set up to automatically rip any CD inserted and eject it as soon as the rip is complete.

I post process the MP3s with MP3Gain for volume leveling so that I don't constantly have to be adjusting the volume when playing them as a random mix.

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