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Well, I took my honors at university in English literature, Shakespeare being my major.  I had to study in depth 37 of his books, though there has been some debate as to whether he actually wrote all 37 books himself, Sir Christopher Marlowe being one of the candidates believed to have written at least two of them.  William Tyndale who translated the bible into english wrote it in the then english vernacular which was reflected in the Shakespearean plays, The official bibles in english churches then being written and read in Latin, and french for the royal court, so the King James translation had nothing to do with the council of Constantinople in 381 AD.  Rather it was Wiliam Tyndale's idea to bring the bible to the masses.

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It’s certainly the most “literary” – very easy to read if you are inspired by that kind of “poetic” prose. It flows, has rhythm, cadence. I care more about that than belief – I do not believe it is more than a powerfully historically important book, and well, one that is not read by most people in its original language or even content (which was decided by a council in 300 something AD)…




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Perhaps I have been brought up on Shakespeare, and perhaps i am still Old School in some of my ways, but the best english bible to me is still the King James version.  Verily Verily! I say Cheers unto ye!

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Optasia has almost all of the translations so call Tom and get that started.

And, no, you are not stupid.

And Tom can also guide you further when you call.



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    I will try that one.  The message Bible...  I think that if I can get a jump start, my brain will catch up.  Thanks so much all.  Andy


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if you wan't a simple translation try "the message bible." it puts modern language to the scriptures.

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Andy,  You are not stupid.  The first time that I tried to read the scriptures, it was gobledegook to me also.  Especially the King James version.  It wasn’t until someone explained the Gospel to me and I believed that the Bible began to make since to me.


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        Hi, there are plenty of audible bibles out there but, I think that I am just stupid as I just can’t understand much of the doesn’t make any sense to me.  Andy


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how accessible do you wan't it and what version? there are several audio versions as well as online versions.

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Hi list,


Would you recommend any accessible Bible that can be downloaded?





Dennis Cornelison

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