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JM Casey

Isn’t all this stuff available in the public domain now? I mean, most of the various Bible versions – not suplemental materials or whatever. You should just be able to search on the web and find something good. I believe I have a few versions in .txt or .pdf format here on my pC. Also I’m no christian but the Word of Promise audio bible is pretty nice to listen to, particularly if you enjoy Michael York’s voice – they got max von Sidow and Malcolm Mcdowell to do voicework too, among others! That’s not public domain though; it’s quite a production.




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The Optasia Ministry resource that was mentioned earlier provides the most accessible way to read the Bible and a lot of books related to it. There are several different Bibles available, and you can read them in a word processor or in a web browser. They send you the whole library on DVD, downloading doesn’t appear possible yet, if it ever will be. You choose your preferred Bible version and navigate just like you would with any other document or web page. The Bibles are also available for use in Braille devices with internal memory.






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I am looking for the New Testiment.  Is it available anywhere?




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Andy,  You are not stupid.  The first time that I tried to read the scriptures, it was gobledegook to me also.  Especially the King James version.  It wasn’t until someone explained the Gospel to me and I believed that the Bible began to make since to me.


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        Hi, there are plenty of audible bibles out there but, I think that I am just stupid as I just can’t understand much of the doesn’t make any sense to me.  Andy


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how accessible do you wan't it and what version? there are several audio versions as well as online versions.

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Hi list,


Would you recommend any accessible Bible that can be downloaded?





Dennis Cornelison



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