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Meesha, from the latest FSCast transcript, I have included the question
posed by Doug and the response from Eric. hope it helps:

DOUG:  I’m here, Eric.  Two things.  First off, if I ever, ever get a
new computer, how can I go in and remove the key from that current
computer and reload that on another computer?  Because like I said, I
have the Home Annual License.  And by the way, I love it.  And, two, if
I renew my Home Annual License within a month, or let’s say if I’m close
to renewal, will I be eligible for the second – will it show me two
upgrades?  Or will it show just one upgrade still currently if I renew

ERIC:  So the Home Annual doesn’t– let me answer that second part
first.  The Home Annual doesn’t think of it like the SMA.  Home Annual
is based on time rather than versions.  So if you purchase a 12-month...

DOUG:  Gotcha.

ERIC:  If you purchase a 12-month, it’s going to give you access to any
version that’s released during the course of that time.

DOUG:  Okay.

ERIC:  If you buy for a three-year annual or five-year annual, you’ll
get entitled to all of those upgrades.  And as far as how do I remove it
from an existing computer, it’s just like Office 365, where you’ll go to, log in with your email and password, and
then go to your product, and you can ask it to deactivate from a
computer that it’s on, and it’ll move the key back onto your portal
page, and then you can re-use it on another computer.  Okay?

DOUG:  Okay.  Are they ever going to have that also for pro users?  Are
they going to do the Pro Annual License?  Because I wasn’t sure if that
was ever going to be an option.

ERIC:  It will be.  We are working on expanding this for all of the
products.  So we’ll get there hopefully soon.

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Date: Monday, September 30, 2019, 8:16 AM
Subject: Moving JAWS licensed copy from one laptop to a new one
Hello group members,

I need to change my existing laptop in the office to a new one and would
like to know the steps to move my existing JAWS licensed copy from my
current laptop to a new one.

I emailed Vispero technical team however their reply was brief and I
didn’t follow it completely.

Please can you advise what is the process of deactivating the JAWS on
the current system and activating it in a new system.

Thanks to confirm.



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