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JM Casey

This is the method I use most often to open foldrs on my computer. It is 8very* fast, and will instantly put you in the location you want. Not just the “c:” drive, but any location, anywhere on the local PC – I think you can even open network locations this way but since I don’t have a network anymore I’ve forgotten the method of entering a network path.



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If you really just want to go to c, you could hit Windows-key r, and type c colon backslash and hit enter.

I spelled out the punctuation to be sure it would read correctly.




Always look out for #1, and be careful not to step in #2. 


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while trying to help my friend, my note:
when in Explorer, press alt+f and then o. then you can press down arrow
to This PC. I'm not sure if there is an OK button to activate.

there is a setting to hide 3d objects, desktop ,
documents, downloads, etc. and just display the folders like Local
Drive: (C:), BD-RE Drive (D:), etc, but I don't know how.

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Subject: this pc going straight to hard drive
On most of our computers, pressing Windows+e brings up a list of
folders, beginning with 3d objects (whatever that is), then desktop ,
documents, downloads, etc.  My husband's new lap top skips these folders
and goes straight to the c-drive.  We want to go directly to This PC,
not quick access; but we would like to see the list of folders.  How can
we make this happen?




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