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paul lemm

Cheers Mario and Don,

I never knew about the alt F and O option, that’s a damn site quicker than my way hahaha. Thanks for the tips


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Subject: Re: this pc going straight to hard drive

Paul, all a quicker way is to just press alt+f and then o. then just down arrow to This PC.

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Date: Sunday, September 29, 2019, 4:00 PM
Subject: this pc going straight to hard drive Hi Anne,

The other day I restored windows afterwards when I opened file explorer , it opened to quick view , rather than this PC, to get it to open to this PC rather than quick view: first open file explorer, then press alt and v (to open the view menu), press shift and tab once (which should take you to view options), press enter twice at this point and you should then be in the folder options window, the first option in here is where you set what file explorer opens too, it's either a dropdown or possibly tree view, simply use the arrow keys to select this pc (I think it's the second option down), then just go to ok or apply and next time you open file explorer it should open to this PC. Hope this helps. Any questions, just shout.


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Subject: this pc going straight to hard drive

On most of our computers, pressing Windows+e brings up a list of folders, beginning with 3d objects (whatever that is), then desktop , documents, downloads, etc. My husband's new lap top skips these folders and goes straight to the c-drive. We want to go directly to This PC, not quick access; but we would like to see the list of folders. How can we make this happen?




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