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Dan Longmore


  Yes, I ad to work through this as well.  Basically your JAWS key on your computer must match the information at Vespero.  That is what JAWS now checks at startup.  For example my JAWS did not reflect ,correctly, that I had purchased an SMA last year.  I did not even notice this but with the update just issued the problem was corrected with the new checking at start up.  It was confusing for me at first, and I am sure FS will need to clarify , this in days to come.




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This comes from the release notes: “For single-user perpetual licenses, JAWS, Fusion, and ZoomText 2019 now check to see if an update to your license is available when the software first starts. For instance, you recently purchased or renewed a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). You will then have the option to update the license on your local computer. This allows you to install major releases in the future you are licensed to run without having to go through the authorization process after the install.”


I don’t quite get it, because I didn’t do anything to my license, but had to let it update anyway. 





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Subject: Jaws License Update Message


Hi All,


Today I received a message from Freedom Scientific / Vespero on 3 different computers that I needed to update my license and had to go through the license authorization process for all 3 computers even though all the computers had been authorized already.  This was with J2019 for all the computers, but since J2019 is the version that loads with the computer I don't know if this would have happened with any other Jaws version.  Anyways, has anyone else been getting this update license message?  Thanks much.

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