moderated Re: how do i perform a screen shot?

Glenn / Lenny

This was sent to one of the Jaws lists some time back:

Try the following:

Press the print screen key to take a screen shot of the whole screen.
Press alt+print screen to take a screen shot of only the current program (not including the taskbar etc).
The print screen key is usually to the right of F12 on a full size keyboard, it is the first in the block of three which is print screen, scroll lock and
pause / break which are usually above the six pack navigation keys (insert, delete, home, end, page up, page down).
If you're using OneDrive on Windows 10, it will save to your OneDrive folder and / or to the "Screenshots" folder in your "pictures" library.
In any case, the image is also copied to the clipboard where you can paste it into an e-mail message, or Word document or image editor.

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