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Isn't it strange no one from the third world is on this list advocating we all do something about the poor blind who don't have Jaws, or a screen reader? I have a very fine friend who teaches at the University of Missouri.
He has been trying for as long as he has been in this country to get people to give to him manual typewriters for blind school children and adults to use. Because electricity is sporadic. Not to mention the ability to get necessary batteries for the computers on which Jaws would be put.
Those who steal are trying to justify theft by saying because the blind in the third world might not have what we are stealing we have the right to steal or to crack it. Those who steal aren't wanting to steal music, games, or software to give away. They are stealing these things for themselves. This is unnecessary, particularly as there are free screen readers which are very fine we can use as well. If you want to do something for the poor blind people in Nigeria I will give to any if you off list this man's e-mail address and you can give to him manual typewriters. Which is what he, himself from the third world, says these blind children and adults need more than a stolen copy of a screen reader.

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Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2012 1:04 PM
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I think NVDA is nearly there. I think it need's about another year.

My points re apple stand.

Would you still say you couldn't steal food if the alternative was
starving? Because for us computing and the freedom it gives us is a
civil right and a human right.

Maybe you think I'm wrong to try and get a crack. That's fair enough -
though am I really doing anything worse than the milions of people who
download movees, music etc. illegally?

(Truth is that copyright law is out of date, out of touch and on its way out.)

even if you do think I'm wrong, you should still agree with me that
something should be done re the 3rd world and Jaws.

Will people on this list start a petition? Or does your moral outrage
extend only to criticizing me for looking for a crack?

On 2/4/12, Richard Holloway <> wrote:
It may cost them less than that. I think the product is overpriced, and I
highly object to charging for skipped upgrades or SMA's where no support was
ever offered for those versions. If that business model works, they should
be increasing the product cost of each new version to make new customers pay
for versions they never owned, right?

The problem with the system is there is no real competition on par with JAWS
and there probably won't be for a long time. Even a great new p roduct would
take forever to gain enough market share that it is a viable replacement in
the workplace.

If the Coke company wants to start charging $20 for a can of Coke, they can
do that, but as long as there is Pepsi and the odd RC Cola (or whatever)
Coke would loose a lot of money in the process of jacking up their prices.
That applies to most everything we buy. Cell phones got much cheaper in
recent years because (in part) there has been competition in the
marketplace. When you have no competition, you can pretty well set pricing
at will. Make no mistake about it, Freedom Scientific is not a non-proffit

Freedom could absolutely use some competition, at least from the consumers'
standpoint. It drives pricing down and product quality up. That however
doesn't mean that if Cokes (my personal favorite) go up to $20 apiece I can
justify stealing them because I think they are overpriced. That's where it
all breaks down for me.

On Feb 4, 2012, at 11:50 AM, cecropia64 wrote:

unfortunately, nobody said that greed doesn't have a whole lot to do with
all this, because it certainly does. also, do you really think jaws costs
a thousand bucks? i'll bet it costs freedome about a hundred and fifty to
twwo hundred to actually produce, if that. oh well, looks like there
isn't one answer that fits all.

On 2/4/2012 11:33 AM, Nickus de Vos wrote:
Just one thing else for interest sake now that you mention steeling
from software companies pockets. I know this is getting off topic but
end of last year sometime I read a study, they actually said if
Microsoft considerably drop their software prices for windows and
office, they'll actually make more of a profit than they currently do.
Because at the moment windows and office is the most pirated software
worldwide and if it's cheeper more people will buy it. If you think
about it most people pirate software because they can't afford it so
imagine how many more will buy windows if it was like $40 or $50, just
look at Apple's Lion OS, the upgrade cost people $30 for 10 machines
assentially $3 per computer.

On 2/4/12, Nickus de Vos<> wrote:
I don't agree with piracy but agree that jaws and most other assistive
devices are crazally expensive. If you really can't aford jaws then
use NVDA, it's totally free and feeture wise it's rite up there with
jaws, in fact there's some semi accessible software which I can access
better with NVDA than with jaws. Something else somebody mentioned,
does it really cost $3800 to get a guide dog in the US? If I
understand rite, that's crazy. In South africa we pay about the
equivalent of $15 or $20 but then again for stuff like jaws we pay
about equivalent of $1500. We don't easally get government bersaries
for assistive devices but can claim assistive devices back from the
government through income tax but you must still have the cash to fork
out and then wait a year or more before you can claim it back.

On 2/4/12, Juan Pablo<> wrote:
Please, Adrian, let me know where I justified the piracy. Only I put on
table a thing that is not never mentioned here. As I wrote in my last
leave away the "easy words"
I know that this topic turn very unconfortable. Sorry, but is a part of
reality. I promise you do not respond any future e-mail regarding that.

All the best.
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From: Adrian Spratt
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This is like saying that because some people get paid government
tax cheating is a legitimate means of making things equal. I'm
anyone on this list would justify theft.

I'm sorry to extend an off-topic thread, but I can't let this kind of
thinking go unchallenged.

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Exactly, Gerald.

A lot of you have an original jaws installed cause of subsidied
the goverments.

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From: Gerald Levy
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Subject: Re: Crack For Jaws 64 Bit Win 7

Are you suggesting that some of us paid less than the full price of
for JAWS? The only way this would be possible without buying a cracked
illegal copy would be to have it purchased for us by a rehab agency.


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Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2012 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: Crack For Jaws 64 Bit Win 7

Really guys, How many of you paied the full price of jaws?

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From: cecropia64 Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2012 12:53 PM To: The
for Windows support list. Subject: Re: Crack For Jaws 64 Bit Win 7
yes, i agreefully. besides, this is why prices of this stuff is so
reach for many. because of slimy people like this guy who wants short
cuts instead of doing things the correct way. thanks pal to all of
who try similar things it's really apppreciated by those of us who
do things the honest way!

On 2/4/2012 8:52 AM, George B wrote:
this is not the place for this kind of thing

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Subject: Crack For Jaws 64 Bit Win 7

Hi all,

can anyone tell me of a working crack for win 7 64 bit?

email me off list!!!

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