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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Why not call Microsoft Accessibility and get them to help you with it since I am almost 100% certain it can still be done just fine.



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Subject: Re: OT - Setting Up the "Guest" Account in Windows 10


Darn! MS wants to know everything we do on our PC's! I cant find any way to setup an offline account in v1903.

even with the command line method I used before I cant do it. The link for setup an offline account wont activate. No mention of an guest account anywhere.

On 9/24/2019 9:02 AM, Richard B. McDonald wrote:



I am using JAWS 2019 on a Windows 10 PC.  I have read about four alternative ways to setup the “Guest” account in Windows 10.  Two of them involve doing it through the command prompt, one involves doing it through setting up “group policies” and the fourth one involves doing it through “computer management.”  From what I have read, all of the first three methods do not really work correctly and are problematic.  So, about the fourth method, does anyone have experience with it?  Is it the right way to do it?  Basically, I want a *real* “Guest” account that 1) appears on the sign-in screen, 2) requires no sign-in password, 3) and has more restrictions than does a traditional  “restricted” account among other of the “Guest” account’s limitations.  Note, from what I have read, those first three methods do not have the same level of limitations as does a real “Guest” account, among other problems with those methods.




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