moderated Two Questions re Outlook, JAWS and Windows-10


Hi. I’m new to this particular group; I was on the other JAWS list until it was no more.

I have two questions re Outlook 2019, the latest JAWS and Windows-10.

Is there any way to change the key that I use to move between panes in Outlook? It used to be you could press Shift-tab when in outlook to move between your  mailboxes and e-mails, etc. Now the key combo is control-shift-tab. I’d like to go back to the previous key combo. Is this possible?


My second issue is more serious. In Outlook 2019, whenever I want to save or send a file, the first time I try to do it JAWS is very very slow in bringing up the list of folders and files.  If I then save or send another file, the list of folders and files quickly appears. This is 100% repeatable and is highly annoying.

Does anyone have a fix for this?



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