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Dan Longmore


  While, you are correct, in that subjectivity does come into play Windows 10 is more stable, reliable and responsive and less crash prone.  These are most likely why many claim it is better.  Some prefer older OS’s and that’s fine but Windows 10 , for most, is a better platform.



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You state that Windows 10 is a better operating system.

That is totally subjective, and only true to those who believe that.


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Hi Phil,


If somebody uses Windows 7 because they rely on an application which doesn’t work under Windows 10 then that is perfectly fine, but it is not difficult to mention this so that those of us who recommend Windows 10 because it simply is a better OS than Windows 7 understand the reasoning.

There are a lot of people who want to stick with the old simply because it’s familiar, I experienced my share of issues with some older applications which I absolutely need to run my business, but while some of the issues are frustrating I am prepared to deal with and try to find solutions or at least work-arounds for them. I certainly don’t miss the many crashes of Jaws and other applications under Windows 7 which have almost completely disappeared in Windows 10. I always find some people who point out how great Windows XP or Windows 7 were are like the person who knows they need new shoes, but they find the old ones with all the scuffs and holes just oh so comfortable yet it’s just a matter of time because they fall apart completely.

I will continue to recommend people upgrade to Windows 10 and the latest versions of Jaws (or other screenreader, but this is a Jaws list), if somebody has a valid reason why for now they need to stick with Windows 7 that is fine, but of course we all know that ultimately this won’t be possible any more and if somebody asks for help with whatever issue and they use Jaws 17 or Jaws 18 I’ll simply leave it up to others to answer because you can’t expect a 3 or 4 year old screenreader which doesn’t get updates any more to work perfectly with everything out there which is changing.





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Hi, by and large this list is obviously very good at helping out jaws users with solving problems. But why, oh why on earth do certain list members insist on shoving their own protracted views on other members, as if they don’t know what they are talking about?

I personally use windows 7 to make use of sonar, which has had jaws scripts written for, but unfortunately can’t have scripts written for windows 10.

There are any number of reasons why users might need, or just want, to use windows 7, and quite honestly, it’s none of your business why.

They are asking for help on this list, and its’ not for you to strike up with personal opinions or know-it-all answers to their questions.

In future, trust what the original poster is asking, and answer in the best way you can. Please let’s end with this know-it-all snooty crap that certain posters insist on using. We are all jaws users and our choices are our own. Leave it alone.

Just my tuppence worth, and if it gets me banned, oh well



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