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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Gerald,
The nice thing about separate tabs is that you can do control + W and close them without closing the entire browser.
For example, when I hear it say
opening in a new tab, I know that I can close that tab/window and not close the previous page.

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What is the advantage of opening web pages in separate tabs vs. opening
them in separate windows? I don't see any, especially for blind users
who can't see the whole screen, anyway.


On 9/24/2019 12:59 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
And there are also extensions which when installed won't allow for Chrome to be closed without a warning, but I tried one of them and didn't like it.
The Control + W method for closing individual tabs is best, may need a bit of getting used to until it's part of your muscle memory.

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At 04:18 AM 9/24/2019, David Griffith wrote:
>I don't know why left alt is not working for you but you could try using backspace.

Backspace does nothing in Chrome. When alt+left or right arrows aren't working, the best solution is to press F6 before trying to go back or forward a page. Once on the previous or next page, press tab, then escape. These commands all have to do with Chrome's focus.

>In relation to closing individual tabs the command for this is control F4 rather than alt F4 which closes the entire program.

Control+W does the same thing.

Orlando Enrique Fiol

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