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turab chimthanawala

Hi guys,
Thanks for your revert.
Sieghard that gesture worked.
Now, could someone pls help me withthe following two additional issues.
1. Getting rid of the requirement to select Basic HTMl view each time
I login to Gmail via chrome.
2. going back in web pages. The Alt + left arrow doesn't work. Also,
unlike IE where on pressing Alt + F4, one is given an option whether
to only close one tab or all tabs, chrome just shuts down everything.

On 9/23/19, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
With Jaws and with Chrome open, bring up quick settings with Jaws Key + V,
type "copy" in the search box and tab once, you should hear this:

Select and Copy Full content using onscreen highlight

Press the spacebar and it should change to read like this:

Select and Copy from Virtual Cursor

Try this and see if it helps with copying from websites.


Virtual Cursor Options
From Virtual Cursor

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Hi Dean,
Well yes I face the same trouble while copying in chrome while using NVDA.

On 9/23/19, Dean Martineau <> wrote:
It would be enlightening to know if you have the same problems copying
from web pages if you tried it with NVDA or with a demo copy of JAWS

With Chrome open, you can hold down Insert and press F1 quickly to get
all that JAWS help has to offer about using Chrome, including lots of

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Subject: Issues with google chrome

Hi all,
I use JAWS 2018, the latest google chrome and Win 10.
I face challenges:
1. Each time I login to Gmail, I am required to select "Basic HTML
view": In IE, once chosen, this doesn't have to be done everytime.
2. I can't seem to copy stuff from certain web pages: The same happens
in IE.
3. Any list of key commands to ensure better use of JAWS and Google

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