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Well, you know more than I do about some of this. If you once pin Skype, I
think that's the task bar position it will occupy the next time you have a
chat. If you pin Outlook to the task bar, hitting the keystroke will take
you to whichever Outlook window has focus. If you stop the default behavior
of combining your task bar buttons, you can use first-letter navigation on
the task bar to get to all open windows of a particular program. So not
quite as efficient as what you want to do, but perhaps a good system to
implement until you can implement yours.

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This seems not what I am looking for.
The chatwindows only exist if you have a chat, so you have to pin it
each day again and remember what number it is. And I have more outlook
mailboxes open, so more outlook windows.
I want to activate windows by classname orso as is possible with
autohotkey. Wonder if a jawsscript can do this and how.\


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This is the sort of thing my book, Windows Keyboard Power User Guide
concerns itself with.

I don't know if you can do this at work, I suspect you can, but go to the
run dialog and type shell:appsfolder and press enter. You get a listing of
everything installed on the computer. You can put icons to all of them on
the desktop, native Windows apps won't come with such icons by default,
then assign hotkeys to them. It varies, but most of such hotkeys can be
to switch to the app as well as launch it, but that doesn't work with

You can certainly pin your most important programs to the task bar. Skype
for Business and Outlook can be pinned. Once you learn the position of
icons on the task bar, up to ten of them, you can press Windows+Number to
launch or switch to that program.

I suspect at least some of this will work for you.


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Is it possible to activate windows by using a script?

You can use ins-f10 and choose an other window, but I want to activate a
window by using a hotkey, so I can allways activate the skype for
business chat window for example or the outlook window.

Earlioer I used autohotkey for this, but at my work they don't want me
to use this program.

Regards, Marten

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