moderated Re: Irritating problems with JAWS 2018

turab chimthanawala

Hi all,
Thanks a lot for your reverts.
So it seems the only option to get rid of this problem is to upgrade.

On 9/21/19, Glenn / Lenny <> wrote:
Yeah, I have this problem more with 2019 than I did with 2018.
Maybe that problem came with the 2018 update that was fairly recent?
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Subject: Re: Irritating problems with JAWS 2018

I didn't have any focus problems with 18 that I recall, but I sure do with

19 now. That's why I'm trying out the 20 beta.

Maria Campbell

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On 9/21/2019 10:23 AM, Dan Longmore wrote:
Sorry I can't help with the first but I can tell you that 2018 did have

a lot of trouble with losing focus. A JAWS re boot at times fixed the
problem for a time. Tabbing away and coming back is annoying but works.

So far the issue is much less, if at all, in 2019. Yes, Freedom was
aware of the issue.


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Subject: Irritating problems with JAWS 2018

Dear all,
I use JAWS 2018 on a Win 10 machine. I am pissed off due to the
following issues.
1. When Jaws is on, I can often use "g". While I know that there is some

shortcut Windows + g for game bar: I continually have to turn that off.
Any way to get rid of it permanently?
2. Jaws often loses focus while I am on the net. I have to press Alt +
Tab twice to get the focus back.

Eagerly await solutions for these.


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