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Rick Mladek

Learned something new regarding usb drives...

I purchased a usb flash drive and my computer, the one I am now using, could see the drive without a problem. The computer attempting to install the operating system could not. A neighbor that heads the computer department for a large local school district stopped by and let me borrow his "bootable usb drive". I had no idea there was such but the computer recognized this drive, the install went well and all in all, everything ended successfully.

Another thing regarding Dell laptops/computers. Talking to Dell, I told them I wanted to upgrade my ram/memory from 8 to 16 Gb. They told me my XPS 15Z laptop only could accept the 8 Gb as maximum. I read others being able to up their ram and I purchased the 16gb memory, 2x8Gb, and it recognized the memory and is working without a problem.

Thanks for all your comments/assistance...


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There should not be a need to do anything special regarding the USB drive's bootability. The Microsoft Media Creation Tool handles that just fine.

On 9/21/2019 1:36 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
Hi Rick,
Probably your USB drive is not set to be a bootable drive.
I would install Universal USB installer on it and install Talking Win
PE and run the launcher that way.
Otherwise you may need to have someone set the flag on the USB drive
to be bootable.

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