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David Griffith

I  hit the same log jam  and simply turned it off. None of the keyboard shortcuts people said like control alt Z  etc. Worked for me.

In any case I am sure that I read  somewhere that Google are no longer developing Chrome Vox  apart from on their Chrome Book  models, advising people instead to use main stream screenreaders with Chrome.


I am no Chrome vox expert so someone else may correct me.

David Griffith


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From: Orlando Enrique Fiol via Groups.Io
Sent: 21 September 2019 17:39
Subject: unloading Chromevox


Hi all. Last night, I decided to play around with Chromevox. although

I got it going and was able to configure options, no hotkey actually

unloads it from running all the time with Chrome. For now, I've

disabled the extension, but that seems self-defeating, since I was

hoping to be able to unload whichever screen reader I was using and

use Chromevox on the fly. Is this possible?



Orlando Enrique Fiol





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