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Have you checked in Settings > Gaming > Game Bar and Game Mode to see that Game Bar and Game Mode is turned off?
You may not like this, but keep in mind that Jaws 2018 is 2 years old, I guess a bit less if you count updates for Jaws 2018 throughout that year, but as Windows moves on (version 1809, 1903 and soon 1909 are all versions which came after Jaws 2018 support ended) you may find more and more issues. Especially in Jaws 2020 people will probably see some pretty drastic improvements with respect to how Jaws access information with the new GDI or deep level hooking, I think currently the old accessibility display driver is still on by default, but I assume this may change very soon.


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Dear all,
I use JAWS 2018 on a Win 10 machine. I am pissed off due to the following issues.
1. When Jaws is on, I can often use "g". While I know that there is some shortcut Windows + g for game bar: I continually have to turn that off. Any way to get rid of it permanently?
2. Jaws often loses focus while I am on the net. I have to press Alt + Tab twice to get the focus back.

Eagerly await solutions for these.


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