moderated Re: Windows 10 "Sign-in" versus Windows 7 "Logon" Screens


If you have more than one user they also show up in Windows 10, you can tab to the one you want, press enter and it will ask for that user’s password or PIN (if you set up a PIN).



From: <> On Behalf Of Richard B. McDonald
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2019 9:18 AM
Subject: Windows 10 "Sign-in" versus Windows 7 "Logon" Screens




I am new to Windows 10.  I am using it under JAWS 2019.  In Windows 7, there was a “logon” screen that listed the various user accounts.  In Windows 10, there seems to be a “sign-in” screen.  Right now, there is just one user for this sign-in screen - me.  So, what is the difference between the “sign-in” versus the “logon” screens?  What happens in Windows 10 when I add a couple of additional user accounts?  How does this “sign-in” screen change?  With JAWS, what is the best way to setup Windows 10 to handle logging-in?  For example, can (or should) I disable the “sign-in” screen and instead use a “logon” screen?




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