moderated Windows 10 "Sign-in" versus Windows 7 "Logon" Screens

Richard B. McDonald



I am new to Windows 10.  I am using it under JAWS 2019.  In Windows 7, there was a “logon” screen that listed the various user accounts.  In Windows 10, there seems to be a “sign-in” screen.  Right now, there is just one user for this sign-in screen - me.  So, what is the difference between the “sign-in” versus the “logon” screens?  What happens in Windows 10 when I add a couple of additional user accounts?  How does this “sign-in” screen change?  With JAWS, what is the best way to setup Windows 10 to handle logging-in?  For example, can (or should) I disable the “sign-in” screen and instead use a “logon” screen?




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