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from a quick Google search:

The quarto paper size is 9 × 11 inches or 229 × 279 mm.
Foolscap is paper cut to the size of 8 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches (216 x 343
m), sometimes 13 x 8 in (330 x 200 mm).

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Subject: Number of lines of print per page in a MS Word Document
It is a very long time, Robin, since I have seen fullscap paper. It was
longer than quarto but I think the same width.

When I learnt to type, this will show my age, it was on a manual
typewriter. In order to centre a heading you needed to count the
characters and subtract them from the width of the paper and then halve
that amount and press that number of spaces! How wonderful that we can
now just select a heading and press control e to centre it!


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Is fullscap paper essentially legal sized paper?  I have not heard these
terms before.  I’ll still see people here at work using legal sized
paper (8 ½ by 14) to print wide spreadsheets, but not generally for Word
documents. I


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I trained as a secretary back in the late 1960’s when you had quarto
paper (which I think was 40 lines to a sheet) and fullscap, which, and I
may be wrong here, was 60 lines to a sheet. This topic has made me
realise that it is a long time since I’ve seen fullscap paper and the
paper we buy for our printer is certainly quarto.


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Glad to hear it Marty.  It’s one of the first things I adjust when I get
a new copy of Office loaded.  The other thing I typically adjust is the
default margins, as the default right and left margins set at 1.25
inches seems too wide to me.

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Robin,  That did the trick.  Thanks.

Love in Christ
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Ephesians 6:12, 13

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A big change starting in, I think, Office 2007, is that the default
document has wider spacing between lines.  It’s different from single
versus double spacing.  This new spacing I’m talking about is a setting
under paragraph.  The easiest way I know to fix this and make as your
default is to do the following.

1. Open a new document.
2. Hit the applications key to open the context menu and arrow down to
Paragraph, then hit enter.
3. In the paragraph dialog that opens, tab a few times until you hear
“Before”.  In that box, type a 0 and then hit tab to the “After” box
and type 0 again.  I think it’s the “After box that is usually set
to “10 pt” by default and you want “0 pt”.
4. Tab a few more times to a “Set as Default” button and hit enter.
5. You may need to hit an “OK” button after this to close the dialog.

If you have an existing document that you need to fix, simply select all
text with Control A, then follow the steps starting at Step 2.


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*Subject:* Number of lines of print per page in a MS Word Document

Why is it that in older versions of MS Word, I could get 41 lines of
print on a single page using 12 point times new roman font and now, I
can only get 27 lines of print with the same font?  I have checked the
page size and line spacing and it is the same.  I have several documents
that were created in Word 2000 and if I save them as Word 2007 docx
files, they have more pages.  this is true for label sheets that I have
also.  They used to be 10 labels in a column on one page and now, they
are 8 labels in a column with the bottom 2 rows going onto a second
page.  Can anyone help me fix this mess?

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