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Medieval culture under all religions is rooted in mythic-conformist paradigms. Such culture does not protect individual freedoms to any great extent, and individuals are thus subject to hostile collectives. Innovation was inhibited and scientific rationalism was seen as dangerous.

The dark ages followed the collapse of the (pagan) Roman Empire, which had no "church" in the Christian sense, but did have elaborate ritual belief systems that supported imperialism, slavery and war. The Magna Carta was written in 1215, during a period of "church control".

Reforms toward representative institutions (Fueros, Cortes) were spread by the Abbey of Cluny into the Gothic Kingdoms of Spain, primarily along the along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (pilgrim's route) during the 500 years before Columbus' journey to the New World. It was only when Absolutism became philosophically trendy (late 1400s) amongst the greedy, power hungry Aristocracy that these local forms of church supported representative institutions were abolished. Many churches were taken over by secular rule and used to oppress local culture. (Leonard Liggio)

Capitalism developed via vast colonial schemes of land theft from indigenous people, and it has not outgrown the tendency toward exploitation and theft, in spite of all the fancy lip service about "democracy". Working people have never gotten better rights without fighting oppression.

Perhaps this will illumine how the executive classes that run the tech industry really operate, and how they view customers and employees.

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Your point about pirating music and movies is very well put. Stealing is
stealing is stealing is stealing.
I do, however, agree that there should be some way to make a decent,
reliable screen reader for those who need it.
The freedom of information and knowledge a computer can impart is a "right"
to any human otherwise we should have stayed in the Dark Ages where
knowledge and education was strictly controlled by the Church.

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I think NVDA is nearly there. I think it need's about another year.

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