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Glenn / Lenny

I have bought it at:
Crucial Memory has a buying guide that ensures that you get the right kind for your computer.
There may be others that do this as well.

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Thank you.


I’ll let you know how it goes. Any referrals on the ram sticks and sd HD?



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Hi Rick,

I have changed many laptop HDs and RAM sticks.

Usually there are two separate covers for these on the underside of the laptop, but sometimes there is just one cover.

It will have screws to remove, and you will have to feel for the screws and then the patterns of seams to figure out which is which.

The RAM cover is usually smaller

The RAM will have wire on the sides of the RAM that hold in the RAM stick or sticks.

You typically squeeze the sides of the RAM to lift it out.

Forget the idea of a wrist strap, as that is for sighted folk who may not rest their arm on the chassis while doing the work.  The wrist strap is to discharge static from your body, but I believe that it would not be possible to non-visually do this without touching the chassis.

Make note of the notch in the RAM stick along the contacts, as there is a bump that it lines up with in the slot that can be felt.

The HD will pull away from where it slides in, there is usually a cover to unscrew from that before sliding it out.


You may want to feel the parts you are putting in carefully, so you can compare them for orientation in the motherboard.





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Good afternoon all,


With the talk regarding windows 7 and 10, I recently noticed my laptop is windows 7, as well. I will update this to windows 10 and although being a Dell XPS 15Z model, it is as slow as a herd of turtles comparing to my desktop which has a SD HD. I’ll be putting in a SD HD, upgrading the ram from 4 to 8 and therefore, my question...


When I take the SD HD and have it as main and then use the older 7200 HD as a back-up drive, is this more difficult and I should have a computer store do the work or is is all this work able to be done? I will have unprofessional sighted assistance and have worked on and built tower systems but with the laptop and the smaller size, is this more than I should attempt?


Also, I would be attempting to do all the shuffling of information from the old hard drive to the new SD with the latest version/update of Jaws 2019.


Thanks for all comments,



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