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Also, be sure to unplug the power, take out the battery, and tap the power button a few times to discharge any static current before proceeding.

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Good afternoon all,


With the talk regarding windows 7 and 10, I recently noticed my laptop is windows 7, as well. I will update this to windows 10 and although being a Dell XPS 15Z model, it is as slow as a herd of turtles comparing to my desktop which has a SD HD. I’ll be putting in a SD HD, upgrading the ram from 4 to 8 and therefore, my question...


When I take the SD HD and have it as main and then use the older 7200 HD as a back-up drive, is this more difficult and I should have a computer store do the work or is is all this work able to be done? I will have unprofessional sighted assistance and have worked on and built tower systems but with the laptop and the smaller size, is this more than I should attempt?


Also, I would be attempting to do all the shuffling of information from the old hard drive to the new SD with the latest version/update of Jaws 2019.


Thanks for all comments,



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