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On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 12:01 PM, Van Lant, Robin wrote:
Brian, don’t assume it’s user error.
Well, too late on that.  I didn't say it definitely was, either.

In any case, when I think "older versions" of Word 2007 is already long and far away in that camp.   I am not even going to make an attempt to recall what Word 2003 or older did, even though I used those.

This is one of the reasons that updating software, including Office, in an at least semi-timely (meaning, within a couple of years after initial major new release) manner is essential.  There are changes like you've described, and that you clearly remember and remember well, that most will not because they become "ancient history."  Being a part of a shared transition experience where many people are having the same issue(s) at the same time is a far easier thing than having to face these alone, years after many have forgotten that they even occurred.

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