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Van Lant, Robin

I don't typically have issues with Excel 365 and Windows 10 unless I'm working with Pivot Tables or large files with autofiltering enabled, then it can crash at times. I haven't figured out the pattern, but I'll be working in a very large Excel file over the next few weeks, , so I'll try to take notes.

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Is this in Windows 7 or Windows 10? I use Excel via Office 365 on a Windows 10 computer with Jaws 2019 and I can use it all day long without any issues whatsoever.

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JAWS has trouble working with Excel for over half an hour or so. Sometimes unloading/reloading JAWS will fix it. Sometimes we have to do a complete JAWS shut down and restart. Sometimes it requires a reboot. It's the combination of JAWS and Excel. Sometimes even JAWS and Word,but not as often.
eAt 09:00 PM 9/12/2019, you wrote:
Lately, I have noticed that when I am in Excel, and I am in a
spreadsheet, which I have been using regularly, Excell shuts down when
I want to make a new entry. The spreadsheet is not protected.
When I shut everything down and just have the spreadsheet running ther
is no problem.

I also notice rthat if I shut down JAWS and bring it back up, the
problem goes away for a little while. Any ideas?

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